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heretik's Journal

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Hi, I'm an estranged male soul in a shit town full of bible thumpers, gangstas, rednecks, and bible thumping gangsta rednecks. I love tons of different music. I would say that I'm a very dark person. And no, that doesn't mean suicidal or overly serious. I believe in fully exploring the dark areas of our psyche that we do not yet understand. We should avoid ignorance and discontent as much as humanly possible, always learning more about this world while we're still living in it.
abstraction, absurd humor, agnosticism, aliens, animals, anti-christianity, anti-islam, anti-judaism, art, artists, asian girls, astrology, atmospheres, beaches, beauty, being myself, blasphemy, bluntness, brutal honesty, capricorns, caves, chaos, cheesy old horror movies, classical music, creative vulgarity, creativity, darkness, death, death rock, defloration, deviance, deviation, drawing, dreaming, dreams, dyed hair, earth, ebay, electronic music, energy, euthanasia, fetish, file sharing, flesh, forbidden fruit, forests, freedom, friendship, gargoyles, gloom and doom, goth, gothic girls, happiness, hate, health, hedonism, heresy, honesty, horror, horror rock, human sexuality, hygiene, individualism, industrial, intelligence, knowledge, laughing, learning, liberty, life, love, lucid dreaming, lucid dreams, lust, making up words, masturbation, medication, metal, mp3's, music, mysteries, mythology, nature, new wave, nightmares, noise, nonsensical humor, observation, order, outer space, oxygen, pain pills, paradox, patterns, philosophy, poetry, polarity, political incorrectness, polyamory, pondering, pornography, post punk, profanity, prog, psychic energy, psychobilly, psychology, punk, randomness, reading, reality, respect, sagittariuses, science, scorpios, screaming, self education, self indulgence, sex, sexual freedom, shouting, sin, singing, sleep, smut, surrealism, symbolism, synthpop, taboo, tauruses, technology, teenage girls, the 80's, the future, the ocean, the universe, the unknown, therapy, thinking, thrash, truth, unusual girls, video games, virgos, winmx, wisdom, writing, zoloft

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